International Mediation Institute is partner of The Excellence in Mediation Gala 2017


International Mediation Institute is an organization which brings together the most relevant providers of mediation and arbitration services from all over the world, such as: American Arbitration Association, Judicial Arbitration and Mediation Service International, Center for Effective Dispute Resolution, Singapore International Mediation Centre, International Chamber of Commerce. Also, in the IMI Board there are managers from Airbus, General Electric, Orange, Siemens AG and Shell International.

IMIIMI is a non-profit public interest initiative to drive transparency and high competency standards into mediation practice across all fields, worldwide.

IMI makes a positive difference to, and is changing the landscape in, the dispute resolution world. Competently handled, mediation empowers parties to a conflict such that their mutual consensus is the focus in decision-making. Promoting a better, less adversarial access to justice, IMI programs and standards add value to the quality and transparency of conflict management, thereby facilitating consistent, credible, and ultimately more satisfactory outcomes to those who desire it most – the parties (Users).

Who runs IMI?

All strategic decisions are made by an integrated, rotating Board of Directors comprising people with a background as Users and individuals with relevant ADR expertise. Expansion beyond these stakeholders (eg. to government, community, family law and professional firms) is currently in progress. Operations are led by the Executive Director, supported by the Operations Manager, and these are the only paid appointments. The Advisory Council, comprising prominent mediation thought leaders in the world, provides guidance as needed.

The Excellence in Mediation Gala 2017

Irena130IMI will be represented by Irena Vanenkova, IMI executive director, certified mediator for CEDR since 1998 and holder of a MATA Advanced Mediation Certificate. Irena Vanenkova has over 25 years of experience in the business sector; she is also member of the Board of Directors of Singapore International Mediation Institute and of Conflict Studies Quarterly.

The event will address the multiple advantages of mediation, introduced in Romania through Law no. 192/2006, can offer to companies and their clients, by means of facilitating a quick and less costly resolution of disputes, compared to court proceedings or arbitration. Also, the debate will highlight the challenges which prevent mediation from being used on a large scale by the business sector, as well as active measures which can be implemented in order to overcome these challenges.

Which companies are involved with IMI, and why have they chosen to do so?

Currently, executives of Airbus, General Electric, Orange, Siemens AG and Shell International are members of the IMI Board. The former head of IP at BAT is also a member of the Board. The former Chief Litigation Counsel of Air Products & Chemicals is a Vice Chair of the Independent Standards Commission and senior counsel at BAT and Siemens are members of the International Standards Commission. The IMI search engine is the only mediator selection and identification tool chosen by the Kluwer Corporate Counsel Dispute Resolution Online service

Involvement with IMI at a strategic level, such as a member of the Board, provides forethought-leading companies an opportunity to help drive one of the key social and economic challenges for the future, namely progressive conflict management. The companies with a senior executive on the IMI Board are able to influence the development of rule of law to a more collaborative, solution-orientated, relationship-building framework. This coincides with many multinationals’ shared interests in protecting and enhancing reputation and trust (as evidenced in the 2011 Edelman Trust Barometer) as well as preventive law, risk containment and cost savings. They are publicly perceived as helping develop mediation and ADR on a practical level throughout the world. One of the spin-off practical benefits is that when these companies propose mediation as part of their ongoing business, that proposal is viewed not as an expression of weakness but as a genuine implementation of corporate policy and ethos.

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